Steady-State Economics, Daly and the Fallacy of Perpetual Growth

- Penned by Anjaney Sudhakaran Growth is a fascinating phenomenon to evaluate.  Over the course of history, any conversation about Economy eventually ends up leading to questions and opinions about where growth stems from, how it is constrained, and, most importantly, how to best achieve it. Policy is deemed a failure if the growth of … Continue reading Steady-State Economics, Daly and the Fallacy of Perpetual Growth

Funding States using Future Revenue

- Penned by Varnika Gupta As the Sri Lankan Crisis unfolded, the news was doing the rounds about how some Indian states were also in a state of high debt and some relevant checks and measures need to be taken to avoid a fate similar to our neighboring island country. Recently, the government took cognizance … Continue reading Funding States using Future Revenue

Influencer Tax: Progressive or Regressive?

A look into the new TDS provisions - Penned by Sakshi Sharma Ever thought of becoming an influencer while scrolling your Instagram feed? Do the 3Fs - freebies, fame, funds - entice you? Did the government drastically alter the future of influencer marketing? Read along to find out. Introduction Influencer Marketing is a social media … Continue reading Influencer Tax: Progressive or Regressive?

Managing Multi-Generational Workforce

Today‚Äôs workforce comprises of Multiple generations. Each has varied work habits, expectations, and communication styles. Employers who implement strategies that optimize a multigenerational workforce can bolster their business goals. Generations that make up the workforce The Silent Generation The silent generation includes those born between 1928-1945, which puts them in their mid-seventies to their early … Continue reading Managing Multi-Generational Workforce