Economic Impact of Climate Change

Penned By – Harshit AgrawalIntroduction The recently concluded International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan once again reminded the world of the devasting economic impact of the climate change. With the Pakistan’s economy performing poorly from last few years, the devasting floods of 2022 pushed it on the verge of bankruptcy. The climate change induced disaster caused an estimated loss … Continue reading Economic Impact of Climate Change

Credit-Linked UPI: An Evolving Saga

Introduction On the 4th of October, 2022, the RBI published a seemingly innocuous circular. The subject read: “Operating circular for RuPay Credit Cards linked to UPI.” What the document discussed was quite interesting – it laid down briefly how linking RuPay Credit Cards to UPI may be operationalised. The authors of the circular thought the move would provide a … Continue reading Credit-Linked UPI: An Evolving Saga

Fifa World cup ’22- a win for qatar?

Penned by- Srishti Gupta To say that football fans or not, we had all been drenched in the FIFA fever would be an understatement. It is not just humans but economies too that are massively impacted by international tournaments like FIFA. The oil-rich middle-eastern nation of Qatar hosted FIFA 2022, and speculation abounds on whether … Continue reading Fifa World cup ’22- a win for qatar?

Economics of Indian Music Industry

Penned by – Harshit Agrawal IntroductionLast month two events from the Indian music industry created a buzz on the social media.First was the removal of the song ‘Varaha Roopam’ from the climax of Kannada filmKantara in its OTT debut. The disappointed fans expressed their anguish arguing that thealternate ending does not create the same impact. … Continue reading Economics of Indian Music Industry