- Penned by Varnika Gupta “In the past, security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region and the Indian Ocean have long been ignored, but today the area is a major defence priority of the country for us and we are working in every direction, from increasing the budget of the Navy to increasing its capability.” Recent … Continue reading INS VIKRANT, INDIA’S OWN BLUE WATER FLOATING AIRFIELD


- Penned by Srishti Gupta & Vishal Soni There is no denying the negative impact that war, terrorism, and political turmoil have on a country's economy, since this has been empirically demonstrated by the field of economics. Terrorism's harmful impacts now ripple out to neighbours and trading partners as the world grows ever more interconnected … Continue reading THE ECONOMICS OF TERRORISM

UPI: Who will Pay for it?

Penned By: Harshit Agrawal Rarely anyone cared about the costs while making a payment through UPI. But the news of authorities considering charging UPI transactions raised many ears. The Government soon came to address the issue. Read along to find out more. INTRODUCTION The Ministry of Finance, though twitter, clarified that the Government is not … Continue reading UPI: Who will Pay for it?

Economics of Commonwealth Games

- Vishal Soni Major international sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and  Commonwealth Games, are occasions not only for sporting competition at the highest level but also for diplomacy, place branding, and promoting trade, investment, and tourism in the host location. The quadrennial Commonwealth Games are the most significant regular opportunity … Continue reading Economics of Commonwealth Games