Development of HR in India

Humain-I is pleased to present the eleventh issue of HRiter, our monthly newsletter! How Human Resource Management evolved with years across the globe? How HRM evolved in India & what are HR professional's roles presently? What are the factors governing HRM in India & the challenges faced by HRs? How significant is freedom at the workplace?  What Mr. Suudharshan Vaidhya has to say about Leadership Change and Organizational Culture? Read about all these … Continue reading Development of HR in India

Russia’s tryst with energy

- Varshita Agarwal Energy has always taken centre stage in global geopolitics and economic power play. Energy has played an instrumental role in the rise of great powers, the formation of alliances, and the outbreak of wars and conflicts in several cases. Almost every international order in modern history has been based on an energy … Continue reading Russia’s tryst with energy


-Jayati Gupta Introduction The UP Population (Control, Stabilization & Welfare) Bill, 2021, or the “UP Population Control Bill” was released by the UP State Law Commission on July 11, 2021. The Bill aims to control the population of India’s most heavily populated state Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of more than 200 million. While … Continue reading A CRITIQUE OF THE UP POPULATION CONTROL BILL, 2021

Microfinance in India: The Big Picture

-Shivika In a small village in Assam, a 30-year-old woman struggling to provide for her family, gets financial support from an institution that grants her a loan of INR 35,000, using which she starts a small grocery store of her own. Another woman, in a small district in Rajasthan, manages to get a loan of … Continue reading Microfinance in India: The Big Picture