The Sunil Handa Guest Talk

Sunday mornings on campus are like desultory conversations. There is no saying when they'll begin, where they'll end and what track they'll follow. This Sunday morning was a little different. Of course, we all woke up groggy-eyed from the night's revelries. Unlike the other Sundays though, we woke up at the ungodly hour of 10:00 … Continue reading The Sunil Handa Guest Talk

Good food in the city of Indore

Hi, This one's filched (with permission of course) from here It's a pretty exhaustive list of eat-out options in the city of Indore. All expressed in a form eerily familiar to the MBA student - a matrix. Thank you Ankit Doshi, PGP2 participant, for compiling this list. Editor's note:- The author shuns non-veg, and so … Continue reading Good food in the city of Indore

Flashback: Samanvay

Samanvay - A small step today leading to a thousand great leaps tomorrow. To many starstruck aspirants around the world, an MBA degree from a premier institute conjures up images of lucrative job offers and a chance to leapfrog several rungs of the corporate ladder. The allure of the degree also stems from the perception … Continue reading Flashback: Samanvay