Good food in the city of Indore

This one’s filched (with permission of course) from here
It’s a pretty exhaustive list of eat-out options in the city of Indore. All expressed in a form eerily familiar to the MBA student – a matrix. Thank you Ankit Doshi, PGP2 participant, for compiling this list.
Editor’s note:- The author shuns non-veg, and so the list may feature a lot more veg eateries than non-veg, but most of the important non-veg food joints are covered.
Good food for IIM Indore participants
Given below are the places I have visited. I am sure there are more places left to be explored. I shall add more to this list with contribution from others. Please add your comments below to dispute, add or recommend anything.

Closer to campus there are a few good options:

Name Distance from E Block (Aayush) Rating Description
Chef’s Al Cove (V & NV) about 5 kms 9/10 Run by a former Taj Chef, provides a variety of high quality preparations.  Brilliant place for both vegetarians and Non-vegetarians
Mashaal (V & NV) about 5 kms 6/10 Once a monopoly, now has competition. Decent quality of food. But what people like most  is that alcohol is available 


Beach Cafe (Only V) about 5 kms 7/10 Some items on the menu are very good. Personally, love the Veg.Cheese Burger and Cadby. Frequented often by IIM I guys for Hookah and fast food.
Nakhrali Dhaani about 3 kms 8/10 Traditional Marwari fare only but very good stuff and the ambiance is a good  change.

Chef’s Al Cove – Courtesy facebook page. Click here
Somewhere between campus and the city:
Name Distance from E Block
Rating Description
Celebrations (Only V) about 12-13 kms 8/10 Fast service (self), good food and very good cakes and chocolate products. Sizzlers and limited South Indian food is available
Chlorophyll (Only V) about 15 kms 7/10 Great place for Hookah, Pizza and sandwiches. A touch far though and off route.
Retreat (V & NV) about 6 kms 6/10 Have experienced it only once but a lot of people do go there.  Again, Alcohol available here.
Utsav (Only V) about 7-8 kms NA Have not eaten myself so can’t rate. Only had a glass of Lassi with a friend. Open restaurant with indian style swings (jhulas)
Indore Sarafa Bazar
Popular options in the city:
Name Distance from E Block (Aayush) Rating Description
ShreeMaya ( V & NV) 20 kms + 9/10 Terrific breakfast and lunch buffet, great value for money. Very good food. Highly recommended for Indian food.
Treasure Island ( Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Little Italy,Food Court, Barista, Sports Bar  and much more) 20 kms + 9/10 The rating is for the fact that its a one stop shop for EVERYTHING! The rating is for the mall
Nafeez (NV & V) 20 kms + 9/10 I’m not a NV but all my NV friends praise it as if its some heaven on earth. Especially the Biryani
Sayaji (Kebabs, The Square) (V & NV) 22 kms + 7/10 Used to be the only big 3 star hotel before Radisson came in. Kebabs can be patchy…very good at times, okayish some other time. The buffet at ‘ The Square’ can again be up and down. We have not been delighted every time we’ve been there.
Ram Babu ke Parathe (Only V) 20 kms + 7/10 Delicious Pizza paratha and even better lassi and buttermilk. Specialty place for paratha only. Lacks variety and good ambiance.
Simi’s bakey 22 kms + 9/10 Only bakery items, mouth watering desserts and pastries. Recommended by our French teacher here. I love this place
Sarafa 22 kms + 9/10 The khau gali of Indore, its a superb place to go to when you want to gorge on street food. We had an awesome time at Sarafa
Lemon Tree 20 kms + 6/10 Strictly Okay according to me. Nothing really excites me about this place.
Chasers (Central Mall) (V & NV) 20 kms + 7/10 Basically a pub with ok food. Good variety. Don’t think very highly of it though
Mr.Beans 20 kms + 5/10 Hookah joint with some snack items. We had quite a bad experience here. We have not gone again since then.
The Chocolate Room 22 kms+ 8/10 Part of the multi-city chain, its a good place to indulge in a little chocolate madness. I think the bread items are very good too.
Radisson – The creative kitchen 22kms + 9/10 Awesome buffet and awesome food. Great variety. Service could be marginally better considering the price they charge.
Chappan (56) 20 kms + 7/10 56 shops lined up on a street serving interesting food and chaat. But I prefer Sarafa to 56. But worth going once at least.
Other places you can go to :
– Dominos at Sapna Sangeeta
– ‘Ghamandi’ Lassi opposite Sapna Sangeeta is mindblowing
–  Go to MHOW near the cinema hall there is a chatwala who come after 5pm. There is a fruitwala who sells awesome fruit and opposite there are fresh fruit juice walas who churn out real good juice all the time. Its a great  bike ride to MHOW too
– Rau Poha and Pani Puri ( I don’t endorse the Rau pani puri too much but a lot of people really like it)
– Sarovar Portico where I have not yet been
I think this list is good for a start.
Indore Sarafa Bazar
Sarafa – (All pictures courtesy – mywebduniya)
People! – Please help me if I am missing something by commenting below. Hopefully we shall have an exhaustive list in some time.

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