Cricket World Cup fever @ Planet “I”

It’s 12 ‘o clock at night and the best brains of the country are not in their dorms burning the midnight oil analyzing Harvard cases. So where are they? Welcome to Indore Premier League, the auctions have just started. With every team vying to get the best players this was a high adrenaline affair with very passionate bids and total fun. One could see strategies being made and concepts like game theory, supply and demand of scarce resources, Ansoff matrix and bounded rationalities being put in practice. Adding to the glamour quotient were the all- female team managers.

It all started in the month of January when the sports committee of IIM Indore decided to hold an internal cricket tournament along the lines of the Indian premier league. The teams were Amazers, Spartans, Champions United, Phoenix and Outside Edge. Based on his past performance each player was assigned a base price varying from 50 to 150.To get an idea of how competitive the whole process was, of the1000 points spending limit each team had, Spartans had to use 550 of them to get Harsh Anajwala, one of the 2 players marked with the highest base price of 150.

IPL Auction under progress


According to Nandita Bansal, the manager of Outside Edge “The auction was an interesting addition to the tournament, a true reflection of the cricket fanaticism but at the end of it, what really matters is the game, which has been thoroughly enjoyed through the IPL”.

The tournament witnessed highly competitive matches with most of them going down to the wire. The crowd support for their respective teams were at their vociferous best, with the spectators going berserk with every six or four. As the tournament progressed one could see some of the Cash-cows turning into Dogs, and some Question marks turning into Stars and Cash cows. True to Indian Premier League style, the tournament had an Orange Cap for the highest run getter and a Purple Cap for the highest Wicket taker with the fights for these were highly competitive.

Planet I enjoying IPL match

Ayashkant Panda, the architect of this IPL was an extremely happy person at the end of the tournament and said that the success of this tournament has exceeded his expectations.

Now I can imagine what fun Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty must have had being part of IPL. “—Puspa Majhi

IPL season 1 has lived upto its expectations and has been one of the most successful tournament at IIM Indore. The entire tournament has been very well organised. The players bonded together very well and played as a unit. I am sure that IPL season 2 will be bigger and better“- Faiz

– Mrinal Dutt & Vivek Krishnan




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