Talent Night 2011

Golden twilight over a small hillock, an amphitheatre and a jam packed audience – doesn’t quite sound like a typical B School setting. Yet, this was exactly the backdrop of an evening at IIM Indore, the eve of the Talent Night, as it is christened. The talent night is a legacy that IIM Indore has kept alive. It forms a part of welcoming the incoming batch of participants and an occasion for breaking the ice within and amongst the incoming and senior batches.

One of the rare occasions of enjoyment for the participants of the rigorous MBA program, the talent night is a riot of colours twinkling with streaks of joy. Donning the format of a competition, it is an intense event with each section of participants trying hard to prove it’s the best among the lot as well as showcasing their varied talents to the fellow participants. Each group puts up an all encompassing performance which includes music, dance, drama, video making and much more. What makes it different from a conventional cultural night is the reflection of the essence of this place in every performance. As a bonsai of our country and with people coming from all parts of the country, the performances during the talent night range from classical dances to Bhangra to hip hop to all the genres of music, music instrumental performances and mimicry.

An entirely participant run event as most other events at IIM Indore, this gives a flavour of times to come and the IIM I way of life to the incoming batch as much as it helps the interaction amongst them. The team work done during the talent night is a fun filled induction for the incoming batch that paves the way for loads of occasions when students are required to showcase their team work during the course of their studies.

All in all, the talent night rocked the campus and gave the participants a good break from their regular routine.

– Sharada Karmakar (Class of 2012)

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