Indore Marathon – Run for a Healthy India

Indian Institute of management, Indore, a premier B-school of India, known for churning out top managers year after year has also been proactive in giving something back to the society. IIM-Indore is one of the very few B-schools who have a rural immersion programme, a rural marketing festival and also a functioning social sensitivity cell, … Continue reading Indore Marathon – Run for a Healthy India

Unworthy Earthlings

Air, its there, everywhere, Why I find still hard to breathe? What did we do to our home? It’s now just a cradle of filth                                                             Carbons, Greenhouses, Emissions                                                             All day long it’s all I hear,                                                             Yet the rich are so blinded by richness,                                                             That nothing’s able to give them a scare … Continue reading Unworthy Earthlings