How time flies at Planet-I


A walk up the winding staircase towards the academic block amidst the early morning rush provides plenty of scope for reflection. Perhaps, the pace at which we rush in a mad scramble to reach class on time is only matched by the sheer pace at which life moves on here at Planet-I. There is an undeniable element of truth behind this symbolism, a truth which has become the fundamental principle everybody here lives by.

I recall the numerous sleepless nights I spent in anticipation of what this journey would entail – there was a sense of nervous excitement that led to this state of sleep deprivation. I had scarcely imagined, though, that before long, those sleepless nights would translate into an integral part of our daily existence. It indeed took a while before my mind and my cognitive abilities could perceive and give meaning to this rather unfamiliar way of life.

IIM Indore, I would say, is a place where the concept of time abstracts from its Newtonian origins and delves into much deeper territory. It is only here that one truly learns to appreciate the value of time. As presentations and competitions stretch late into the night and submissions as early as 4 AM become quite routine, one gradually adopts and adapts to this change in the scheme of things. Besides, who would want to miss out on the excitement and the fun associated with each activity on campus?

However, the time leading up to the 8:45 am classes is, and perhaps will always remain, an exception. The scenes all around campus at that time are comical to say the least. The hostel corridors are filled with sleepy-eyed people, who rush to knock on their neighbours’ doors to wake them up, and try to get themselves ready on time. For some, breakfast becomes a concept unheard for days, while the others barely manage to stop at the Mess for a couple of minutes. Ironically enough, the energy levels do not drop as the day progresses, and at night the campus is always abuzz with a variety of happenings.

This hectic, busy and fast-paced life, where things happen at the blink of an eye, provides an insight into a much busier and tougher corporate world. These two years act as a stepping stone towards bigger opportunities in life, and prepare us to successfully overcome the challenges that impede us in our path towards development. If utilized appropriately, they can provide enough learning for a lifetime. It is only a matter of choice; when time is up against us, we can decide to submit, or choose to rise.

This article has been written by Avantika Tikmany, PGP-1 student at IIM Indore.

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