Yes Man!


So I had a full-fledged article for this blog, until one of my friends pointed out that there were two of them with the same theme. You’ll probably read one about the importance of saying no. It is important. Pretty important in this mad-mad dog eat dog world. But now since you’ve reached Planet-I, yes it is a planet, not only because it is completely isolated and someone from outside the walls seems like an alien, but also because it has a life of its own, it breathes and lives like you and me, only because of you and me. This ‘planet’ offers you a feast of opportunities to pick on, in terms of things you are good at, things you think you might be good at and things that you think you could never do.

What I wanted to say is Say YES my friend! Yes to trying things that you thought you could never do, yes to the business plan you never thought would work out, yes to that crazy dream you had when you were little, yes to trying to accomplish things you were not supposed to. Say yes to turning your life around, yes to saying ‘In Your face, Luck’. Most importantly, say yes to love, love for your passion, love for your career, love for your friends and of course, love for love.

The campus offers us amazing and real insights to almost everything we are interested in through guest talks and workshops, attend them. The library gives us books on almost everything on the face of this earth, read them. And needless to say we have incomparable infrastructure, in terms of sports facilities, magnificence and beauty (Do not miss the sunset point). Just go pick a cycle from the HRC and go explore! You’ll find something new every day.

All of this will sound a little clichéd, of course it is, clichés are called clichés for a reason; they work. Just say yes and see where life takes you. You’ll be surprised.

This article has been written by Soumya Loomba., PGP-1 student at IIM Indore.

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