My share of the P-I (Planet-I)

Far away from the main city, into the suburban expanse between Indore and Bhopal lies a “society” called IIM Indore. Entering which might require the zenith of your labor, surviving which takes much more. I’m not usually the one who expresses his feelings, however when I think of the past one year or so, it’s tough not to get the thoughts flowing. It is the starting of the penultimate term at IIM Indore. One long year, which will surely hold a special place in my mind (or maybe heart)?
Being another one among the batch crowded with engineers, most of us confused as to why we chose this life, IIM is definitely overwhelming at start. Bewildered, innocent souls like me, unaware of the rules of this unique planet, land here only to be stormed away even by what would be a routine day at Planet-I. One has to part with the true love of his life, sleep, only to see him being drowned in the sand of ceaseless mandatory guest talks, arduous lectures, unthinkable to miss (or even do) assignments and distinctly sacrosanct deadlines. Some of us still can’t fathom the art of time stoppage during the lecture hours. Exams and surprise quizzes provide the icing on the cake. The identities borrowed during resume iteration, the fluency of the hesitant minds while making presentations, the sleep in wide eyes in lectures, become a part of our existence. We land here wanting college life back; end up wondering, whether college life wants us back?
At that moment you realize, the bitter sweet symphony that’s this post graduate college. Among the storm of classes, assignments and deadlines the rescuer i.e. spirit of the students makes us survive. The fitness sessions at the sports complex, the activities of clubs and committees, the birthday celebrations, the MOMOs at JAM, rejuvenate us. Celebrations of diverse festivals remind us of the world outside. Above all, this place presents us with friends for life. The late night parties, the trips to Mashal and the incessant random all-nighters pass us through the backlash of deadlines and the waning grades.
I was once told life at a B-school is just a glimpse of what’s to come. And with time I realized that this place is surely a glorified version of the future. Whatever be the case, call the infracom and get the internet working, open those dumbbell sized books, but more than anything, keep the spirit high and you will definitely come out as a better self.

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