My first year at IIM Indore



Hello! my name is Laxman and I’m a PGP 2 student. I’m super excited to be a part of the IIM Indore and talk about what it’s like to be a student here.

On behalf of the year-old family of IIM Indore, we heartily welcome all the new students to Planet-I, your fruitful abode for the next two years.I remember reading a similar article when I was two days into the curriculum. And truth be told, I had a cocktail of emotions swirling around in me. Anxiety, nervousness, Unfamiliar places in an unfamiliar yet beautiful place and pretty much everything else one feels in a new environment.

Having heard so much of the rigorous framework of the MBA program in one of the Elite B-Schools of the country sure did leave giant butterflies in my belly. Now, being admitted that, I would say some were partially true. Yes, the curriculum was rigorous and taxing at times. Operating on mere 4-5 hours and managing assignments, extra-curricular activities and preparing for the term exams, was indeed exhausting. Not to mention, studying  many subjects for the first time ever and trying not to fall behind.

What you don’t hear is, how, in spite of the strenuous schedule at IIM Indore, students do end up having a gala of time. Thanks to all the clubs, committees and fests which keep the life at Planet-I beyond books and course materials, there are many other events to look forward since day 1. Be it dancing, singing, Sports and games contests, celebrating festivities in the traditional way, occasional DJ Parties, trivia quizzes,attending guest talks, participating in one of the major 3-day management and cultural fest of central India (Be on the lookout for this event. You don’t wanna miss it) and many more events involving famous figures from different fields (For instance, Gautam Gambhir).These are the moments no one hears of. And such moments really do etch a place in your mind.

Now, with a personal note, I did have a tough time in coping up with a few subjects in the first year. Primarily because of my non-math background. Not to demotivate you, you will find quite a few of similar situation. But here is where you hang out and make new buddies and in the process, learn a thing or two. So, two birds!

The subjects taught in subsequent terms help out the students by preparing them for the summer internship which is an integral part of the first year. I didn’t believe it until I started my internship but I did reminisce a concept I learnt in my first year and I applied it.

The summer internship selection process can be a daunting phase, but it shall pass out surprisingly well.

Then comes the phase of my internship. The company that I interned provided me with an opportunity to learn a great deal about the company and about the Industry as well. And being a fresher with no work experience, the learning was indeed new and very valuable.

With this, I eagerly await your arrival at the lovely campus of IIM Indore.


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