The closer he got to the horizon, the further it shrank from view

Franky, I had not heard name of Rohan Builders until I Summer Internships started. As a fresher straight out of my Engineering College with no work experience I plunged in as a marketing intern here. The most beneficial thing about the internship was that we were actually allowed to do everything that the permanant employees were doing in the company. We could create our own schedules and could choose what we wanted to do each day. Our mentors made sure we got the best of everything including the excel sessions, linkedIn workshop and the RERA session. I could sit in the meetings and feel like a boss.  Also, playing Table Tennis in the lunch break, celebrating a colleague’s birthday and talking to everyone to get a glimpse of their careers made us feel a part of the family that Rohan Builders is.  I worked on different projects and received a lot more than I could give.


My internship has helped me become confident in my abilities to work with members to achieve their goals. I have broadened my exercise library tremendously and articulate thoughts well. I understood what it is to work in an office. On a personal level, I have built meaningful relationships. It has showed me that you can have a career that doesn’t feel like work, you can make work fun


Real estate is an exciting field. As the tagline of  Rohan Builders rightly puts it – Great Living, engineered’. It feels great to be a part of something that makes saying goodbye so hard. Also Rohan Builders proved lucky to me. I had applied and have gotten selected for the BRICS 2016 Shanghai Summer School Program. The main two courses are : ‘Global Governance and Cooperation among BRICS’and ‘New Development of China’s Polity and Economy’. It is a month -long sponsored program at Shanghai, China. Also it feels lucky to be among just the 4 students selected pan India and about 30 students selected across BRICS countries. Whenever we talk about India, China becomes an inevitable subtext, so I am very excited to be a part of this prestigious program. And let me tell you, I started from scratch and Google was my sole guide. So never give upon your potential. Start small but start nevertheless. A little hardwork always pays.

The closer he got to the horizon

the further it shrank from view

as if desire was only an illusion

and truth lay somewhere beyond!

*Inspired by the rain after reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

By Ajinkya Mahajan, PGP 2 Student


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