My First Year at Plan-it-I


1          The “Graha Pravesh”

So, you’ve finally made it to one of the most coveted management institutes of the country. Congrats. Big Deal. About 449 others also do so each year. And guess what, they are equally as genius as you consider yourself to be, if not more. Welcome to this world of uncertainties, where not only varied conundrums, but even the quizzes drop like presents out of Santa’s bag.

Along with a world of opportunities that this place provides to many who came thinking that this is a mecca for studies, this is also a mecca for birdwatching, with lots of birds to gaze especially to those dry eyes, who couldn’t see birds back at their hometowns due to pollution, if you know what I mean. You’ll constantly be on the vigil, not only for your dream placement, but also simultaneously trying to find out some random image, which you may later want to search on Having all these high hopes, thinking of entering a utopia, the first few days will be an eye-opener, I mean literally.

2        The multitude of learnings each term brings

They say “agar first year jhel liya to sab jhel liya”, they’re right in saying this. Each of the terms across the first year as PGP-I, if you want to have the real taste of life, get into as many activities as possible and then relax, just kidding, you won’t be having the time to do so. Term-I, is your litmus test, with the pressure of summer placements looming high up on your head, you’ll be introduced to the world of e-Mails, how they are convenient, convenient in making anybody’s life a misery. To top it all, the number of classes from 8:45 in the morning to well past 4 in the evening will be really fascinating. And for some lucky chaps, congrats for having an early one-year long HOP as you will daily trek to the Acad block from the distant suburbs we call Sri Lanka.

So first term is almost done, and it’s time for the early mornings at the Old Audi, 570 odd people, sitting like ducks, suited up with no close as to what do they aim for, but yet so confident and yet so smart. After all, they are students of an IIM.  This was a term which gave you almost no time to sleep, a lot to talk and a lot to make relationships, but for the latter, you need to gear up as people start headhunting from Day-1.

Contrast your life from Term-I here. You’ll suddenly be feeling like “have I reached the right college after my vacation?”. Ample time to sleep. Only one thing will be a hindrance. Say hi to the maximum credit term of your two-year stay at planet I. But it passes, brushes past you like a wind. By now, you’ll find yourself, addicted to the night mess, to JAM and to the Poha Point. Also, make most of the Saturday evening screenings in the campus, which you were devoid of in the last 2 months. It is a reward well-deserved for soaring past Term-I and summers.

For me Term III was kind of transitionary phase which apparently came after the transition. It is a mix of the best features of both Term-I and II. Sometimes you feel like the idlest person on the planet and at numerous other instances you are so overburdened that you don’t sleep for even 2 -3 days at one go.

3        Final Words…

All in all, that’s been my first year at IIM-Indore, which was followed by the Summer Internship. The first year and some of the friends you make in it, will change your life. Even if you said “Maine maa se waada kiya tha ki kabhi nahi badlunga”, she shall be proud to see how this places changes you and brings out the best in you. But to do the same you must plan-@-I. Earlier I said that you expect that this place teaches you subjects, let me clarify this myth, this place teaches how to make the most out of your time. After all, MBA is not just another course which gives you a degree, it gives you a way of life.

– Naman Jain (PGP2 Student of IIM Indore)

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