The Undedicated Sonnet

I sat the stump alone crying, crying, The wooden remnant dead of sanguine axe; I clawed at eyes aggrieved drying, drying, My freshly streaming tears like flowing wax. I clenched my fists as though hiding, hiding, A secret borne of love and hateful spite; But the leaves lay dead and gliding, gliding On winds that … Continue reading The Undedicated Sonnet

Does sustainability mean going backwards?

I spoke with conviction that without a feasible model that generates enough money, there is  hardly a soul who would like to invest themselves whole heartedly into the pursuit of sustainability, and this explained the lack of talent in this field despite good intentions. What we have been brought up to do is follow small … Continue reading Does sustainability mean going backwards?

Leadership Lessons from the Army

Sir, we see that the Indian Army is not very active on social media. Why is that, and is it going to change?   The Army personnel have to be mindful of the machinations of antinational elements and our adversaries to exploit this platform to their advantage. Therefore, while realizing the importance of social media, … Continue reading Leadership Lessons from the Army

Islas de la munecas

Photos by Cindy Vasco I thought it was just another boat party but I was not aware of the adventures that awaited me at the canals of Xochimilco, also known as the xochimilco trajineras because of the canoes that take people for a ride. The place is filled with tourists, mariachi bands, and lush floating gardens. However, wait for sometime and you will see … Continue reading Islas de la munecas