i5 Summit 2017 – A Chance to Give Global Recognition to your Venture

The most awaited event of the year, i5 Summit 2017, collaboratively organized by IIM and IIT Indore, is scheduled be held at the campus of IIM Indore on August 19-20, 2017. The Summit provides an opportunity to Ideate, Innovate, Inspire, Induce and Invest, and is organised by the Student Activity Council (SAC) of IIM Indore and the Student Entrepreneurship Support Cell (SESC) of IIT Indore.

Aimed at fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the brightest minds of our country, the Summit this year would not only provide a platform to young managers to interact with various titans of industry, but will also help them to take their venture to another level and get global recognition!

The flagship event of the Summit, GetFunded, enables entrepreneurs to raise capital from Venture Capitalists and other investors. This year, it will also provide an opportunity to startups to win direct entry to Level 4 of the Global 100 Open Startups Programme. This programme, with a total of 5 levels, is a massive global movement, and was created by UC Berkeley in 2007 with 40 corporations including 3M, IBM, Intel, HP, Shell, and Panasonic.

“We at 100 Open Startups are happy to partner with i5 Summit 2017 to create an impact in the Innovation ecosystem and contribute towards a sustainable ecosystem in India. Traditionally, most startups and entrepreneurs approach investors even before they have customers or revenues. We believe that in the ‘Open Startups Model ‘ startups can be funded by future clients and partners instead of Investors”, says Mr. Varadrajan Krish, Director of 100 Open Startups India.

There are 450 Corporations that are part of this programme today. The goal of the 100 Open Startups programme is to rank startups on a scale of 1 to 100. The ranking methodology is based on the following parameters:

  • The type of engagement they build with the large corporations that evaluated them.
  • The level of investment from Angel Investors, VCs and Corporate Venture Funds (which makes it a unique global ecosystem for Startups).

The Level 4 selections will take place at FINIT, Brazil, Latin America, Europe and North America.

Apart from GetFunded, some other flagship events of the Summit include Keynote Speeches and The Social Entrepreneur. Last year, i5 Summit witnessed a footfall of over 1000 members, including students from various colleges, and industrialists who participated in workshops and panel discussions.

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