Interview With Shrunga Hede: Best Intern at JSW

We spoke to Shrunga Hede, an IPM participant at IIM Indore, about her experience over the summer at JSW, and she was awarded as best intern and offered a PPO.

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Q1 How was your experience at JSW? What would be your advice to young graduates who enter into an established culture at their organisations?

JSW simply is one of the most beautiful office spaces I have ever seen. Complete with a wonderful canteen, coffee machines on every floor, a gymnasium and comfortable workspaces, it provides for a brilliant environment to work and beat the stress if need be. Fellow employees are really friendly and always ready to help. Most importantly, the office is truly transparent and with heads of departments actually sitting in transparent cabins and their doors always open to their subordinate employees, it actually proves to be one.

For the students with no prior work experience in specific, know that there’ll be loads of information coming your way which can be daunting, but the only thing you need to remember is, the company will reward you for what you contribute and not for how much you know. You have no time to be hesitant about your steps, so don’t be. Just pick up tasks and get going.

Q2. How did you go about with your project ?

I had the opportunity to work directly under the Training and Development head at JSW and I worked in the employee engagement department. Since that was a department that was in its initial phases, my role had a lot to do with experimentation. I had to be careful and culturally sensitive during information and data collection for my project.

Some of the challenging tasks I had at hand was building a communication strategy on a company wide scale which was overwhelming, to say the least. I also took up the initiative of helping the HR team in handling a couple of trainings and other events.

Q3. What were some of the hurdles that you overcame while on your project?

When I missed the presentation deadline within one week of the internship, I thought this was a lost battle. There were two things one could’ve done in this case, firstly, you could’ve apologised and not tried enough to convince your mentor that you were sorry or you would never let your mentor have a complaint against you again. I had created trouble for myself in the pretence of respecting my mentors space by not approaching her often which I soon learned was a mistake. Luckily, I had enough time to reverse that.

Q4. What would be your key message to MBA participants?

Your summer internship is going to be a short stint but a significant one. One would want to believe that they have enough time to serve something relevant by the end of it, but in my experience, that’s not possible without constant effort since day one. Keep yourself a diary, keep your information organized, make relevant connections .This is probably the best opportunity to network. This you can do by attending various events organized by the organization which will show that you’re enthusiastic and are an asset to the company. Keep in mind that the qualities you showcase are the only ones the organization will remember.

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