Impact of Tech in HR – An Interview with Santosh Phulpagar

Mr. Santosh Phulpagar (Head Talent & Acquisition, Crompton Greaves Power & Industrial Solutions) shared his views on “Impact of Technology in HR” on the second day of HR Conclave organized at IIM Indore. He focused primarily on the need to identify patterns following which technology can enable us to achieve a greater degree of accuracy in making predictions. He also identified the key business drivers and established the importance of linking business with HR. In the context of talent acquisition, he highlighted the need to “hire the right talent at the right time at the right compensation” and employee retention. We had a chance of speaking to him in person after the enlightening talk.


Shreya- Sir, you talked about talent acquisition. In that context, what do you think are the three most prominent factors one looks for in a candidate?
Santosh- So, the three most important factors for us, or for any organization, I may say, are the following. First is openness to learning, to have a desire of knowing new things. Second thing is the attitude- attitude to understand new technologies, attitude to get adjusted to new culture, because one can’t expect the same culture in which one has grown, to be there in the new organization. The third thing is the ability one brings to the table i.e. competence, is also very important. If one doesn’t have the right competence, then he/she wouldn’t get hired. So one needs to demonstrate the right knowledge be it marketing, finance or whichever subject it may be. So these are the three things I believe a candidate needs to show- openness, attitude and competence.

Shreya- Sir, currently, what do you think is the current status of technological use in HR as compared to say, five years down the line and how fast do you think it’s growing, and what would be the state in near future regarding the extent of use?

Santosh- If we go back to history, so there every employee’s leave record was maintained on paper along with various other things, but today, it’s not so. So similarly, going forward, we’re going to move very fast. I believe that the new tech will help in the acquisition of right talent, placing of right talent at right place, grooming the talent and also in accelerating their growth to newer roles.




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