Tulika and Tintin : a paw-some journey!

Paws @Planet-I is the pet-lovers community of IIM Indore consisting of students, staff and faculty members who’ve joined hands to take care of all the dogs residing in the campus. Following is the story of a timeless friendship, that of Tulika and her pet Tintin, penned by Pooja Batra, FPM 2015.

There are no words to describe the chirpy Tulika, a senior staff of the library at IIM Indore, always found taking early morning strolls with her dog, Tintin. Summer, rainy, or winter season, you would always find her around the children’s park walking her dog early in the morning and then late in the evening after her office. Tintin is an indie dog and was found outside the main gate of IIM Indore a year ago. Homeless, and with a swollen tummy, Tintin was suffering from a health condition related to the urinary bladder. It was then that Tulika decided to adopt him as her own. It was not long before he became the apple of her eye. Tulika consulted all the well reputed vets in Indore but none were able to provide a lasting cure for his condition.

Tintin walking briskly in his red minion sweater during winters is a darling for most on campus. Students who pass by him are often curious and ask which breed he belongs to. Tulika being a proud dog mom says “it’s our very own indie breed”.

There is more to this dog lover. Besides taking care of Tintin, she immensely contributes in taking care of the other 37 indie dogs existing at the dog shelter at IIM Indore. Be it any hour of the day, or any issue with the dogs at the shelter, she is always there to take care of them. During festivals she provides them with tasty homemade sweets with low sugar content and whenever the need arises she also takes it upon herself to cook meals (chicken and rice) for all the 37 dogs. Tulika is the first to adopt an indie dog on  campus and the pet-lovers community of IIM Indore is immensely proud of her for all that she does. She encourages one and all to adopt indie dogs and to love animals without discriminating on the basis of their breeds.

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