Easycups – a startup for women

Easycups, a women’s sanitary and hygiene brand, was born to tackle the ever-growing sanitary waste disposal problem and turn the entire process towards a more sustainable solution. The venture has been founded by Sashi Bothra, a student of Indian Institute of Management, Indore, and by Kishan Barchha, an alumnus from PGPM 20 batch of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

“Every sanitary pad customer uses 6 to 7 pads per cycle, that is over 3200 pads in lifetime and – this is just per person statistic! Moreover, a sanitary pad usually has layers of plastic, which can take up to 500 years to degrade completely on its own. This is how huge the problem is!” they say. Used sanitary pads are either incinerated or dumped in landfills, either way polluting the environment. “Concerned with this thought we began researching the various alternatives in the market for months until EasyCups was founded”, said the co-founder, Kishan Barchha.

The duo is looking to expand their company,  celebratingwomanhood.in, portfolio to include stand-and-pee-funnels, reusable pads, wipes etc. to serve their customers. The company believes in promoting sustainable, environment-friendly, and modern solutions to the many pressing problems of today. Women menstrual hygiene is underrated in India and the figures are concerning. Having started an e-commerce platform, they are also looking forward to offline sales in collaboration with NGOs, women cells, and institutions that share the cause.

There is a lot of taboo around periods in India, and it becomes a challenge to adapt to new-age technologies in this regard. It is high time we come out in the open and talk about the long-hushed words like menstruation, or homosexuality, and start addressing any issue relating to them. It is here that we need start-ups to tap into solutions that address not just the core problems in the face but also pay regard to sustainability.

More on EasyCups: The Menstrual Cup comes in two sizes and vis-à-vis a sanitary pad, a menstrual cup contains blood inside the body instead of soaking it outside. As the liquid has no exposure to air, a menstrual cup magically solves many periods related problems like bad odour, rashes, or leakage, enhancing the period experience so many times more. The cup is made from a medical-grade silicone and produced in a US FDA certified facility. All of this has been provided at an economical price, making the solution pocket-friendly too!

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