Internship Diaries – Heli Vasani, Google, Summer’21

If you’re not learning something new everyday, you’re doing something wrong. This statement stands true for my journey at IIM Indore as well as my internship at Google. Both these places throw an abundance of opportunities at you. The real skill is understanding what’s important and pursuing it (with limited procrastination).

Having worked in the Media and PR field before joining IIM Indore, I have always had a keen interest in marketing. I was able to pursue this further through a plethora of opportunities at IIMI and learn beyond, because of my peer group. Every hour on campus is a fun, new experience; and by every hour, I mean that you will find something exciting to do at 4 am as well! We spent the first few months of our college experience virtually and the rigor of virtual classes, assignments and extracurriculars was a good preparation before joining our virtual internships. I interned with the Global Customer Care team at Google with the team in-charge of Google Ads. My role was around identifying key problem areas and optimizing sales processes. I saw myself going back to the concepts learnt in Marketing, Operations and Strategy courses to navigate through my internship project.

An important learning has been that the presentation of your ideas is as important as the formulation. The entire team at Google was extremely welcoming and supportive. Despite it being a virtual internship, we were given all the opportunities and support needed. This journey has been a great learning experience and with all its ups and downs, it has helped me focus on the bigger picture.

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