Internship Diaries – Ayush Burman, ITC, Summer’21

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Getting an internship opportunity at ITC was a dream come true. Being from an Economics background from Kirori Mal College, I never expected to have a shortlist for a Marketing role; hence, ITC shortlist was a surprise.

It has been more than a month since I joined ITC as a summer intern. And the experience has been excellent. As I am working with the Food business Division under the biscuits segment category, my project centers around the launch of a new product and designing a GTM strategy for the same. This has allowed me to use all the concepts I studied in my marketing classes in real life. I have learnt how a product is conceptualized, designed, and ultimately launched in the market. I also got to perform consumer immersions and focused group discussions with consumers.

A significant part of the project is also to study the gaps created due to the global pandemic and how the company can leverage its brand name and try to fill the gap. It would have been great if the internship was offline as the work demanded some physical presence as well, but my guide and buddy ensured that don’t lose out on the experience and knowledge. I am incredibly excited about the next half of the journey and looking forward to an amazing overall experience.

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