Internship Diaries – Baruni Malhotra, Amazon, Summer’21

Today marks the 369th day since I received an offer from IIM Indore. Almost a year has gone by, and yet it seems like it was just yesterday. In retrospect, such has been the excitement and frenzy that you don’t really realize how time just flies by.

From leaving a stable job at Deloitte to pursuing post-graduation amidst a raging pandemic, there have been a lot of hard decisions that I had to take along the way. Truth be told, I definitely was not ‘not apprehensive’ about these. Adding to the fact that we started off online, it only added to the worries. But as I sit to pen this down, I can only be grateful that I made the right decisions even when they didn’t seem very particularly logical at the time.

Adapting to the student life after three years, the restlessness of Term 1, never-ending pre-reads, race for PORs and the summer placements that came by much sooner than I had realized; time simply flew by.  Along with all the courses and their learnings here at IIM Indore, COVID became an essential part of our curriculum that gave me life’s most important lessons.

One of this journey’s highlights was to be offered the summer internship at Amazon. I started as a Security Program Manager 1 month back, where my role required me to understand the AWS security practice. It involved connecting with various stakeholders in India and other Amazon offices across the globe and applying the knowledge from my previous work ex and the learnings from the various courses I studied in the first year. Each interaction and iteration provided a fresh perspective, allowing me to dive deep into multiple scenarios. 

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that if my experience has taught me anything, it is to believe that despite the obstacles, I will be ready to soar high above them.

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