Internship Diaries – Saumya Choudhary, PWC, Summer’21

As a Chartered Accountant and having worked in M&A tax advisory at KPMG for two years, MBA was the next big step in my career. After an incredible first year of college with an exuberant campus life experience, I was looking forward to interning in Strategy Consulting competency at PwC.

During the internship, I got the opportunity to work on a client project in the education sector focussing on HR transformation, which is highly relevant in the current times. The project required me to handle areas that I had no prior experience working on, and I saw the real-world application of concepts learned in Strategy and Human Resource Management courses during the first year of MBA. Since I joined the project mid-way, it initially felt slightly challenging and demanded extra efforts, but soon I got up to speed with the support from my team. The ability to prioritize tasks helped me immensely in delivering output in crunched timelines.

Along with the project, I worked with the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion team to ideate and plan various initiatives. I also met incredibly talented people across competencies who helped me broaden my horizons and become a better version of myself.

Although the virtual mode can bring its own set of challenges, PwC ensured that we got a unique set of support systems in the form of relationship leader, coach, project manager and buddy. The PwC Internship Team also organized frequent leadership connect sessions and trainings to give us a wholesome experience.

Through the internship, I’m glad that I had an accelerated learning experience – from honing my problem-solving skills and technical capabilities to developing agility and business acumen. The eight-week internship was an enriching experience, with something new to learn each day.

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