Internship Diaries – Tanishq Goel, L’Oréal Summer’21

The first year of B-School included a lot of first times for me. Completely virtual, everybody distanced; we started our journey at IIM Indore amidst a pandemic. Nevertheless, in the whole tussle for POR’s, assignments, lectures, and endless pre-placement talks, Term 1 went past in a blink of an eye. I am an engineering fresher and I thought it would be a natural progression moving from one college to another. But business school is a different beast altogether, you need to manage your time, prioritize and multitask at another level! I consider myself lucky to have gotten an opportunity to spend 5 months at the campus. You will meet the best and the brightest minds out there, and make a million memories at Planet I.

Currently, I am a digital marketing intern in the luxury division at L’Oréal. The entire experience has been enthralling so far. It’s so rewarding when you get the opportunity to witness and apply the concepts you learn in the classrooms. Strategizing a turnaround plan, stakeholder management, search engine optimization; the projects are very hands-on and relevant to the organization. One major challenge for each one of us in the virtual mode has been to maintain a connect with people and network with them. You have to learn to be proactive in reaching out to people to get your job done. At L’Oréal everyone is extremely welcoming to your thoughts and feel more than happy to help however they can. 

“Summer internship is like a much-anticipated trailer to a blockbuster movie. It’s important to remember to have fun along the way instead of getting caught up in the corporate rat race”

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