Internship Diaries – Chiara Ribeiro, Capgemini, Summer’21

Coming to IIM-I was the first time I had to leave my home to follow my dreams. Being an IPM student fresh out of high school, my four years here have been exciting, challenging and a dream all at once. The first three years shaped me and prepared me for my crucial MBA years. No one foresaw how 2020 would change every aspect of our lives. We had to switch to a virtual mode of learning, virtual interviews, GDs and try to make friends with people we had never met. It is an experience I will never forget especially because it was in that uncertain time that I got selected as an E.L.I.T.E. Intern at Capgemini.

At Capgemini, I work with the BCM Sales Enablement and Operations Team, where I help streamline Business Review information, learn about Sales Ops processes and assist in Enablement Sessions and other initiatives. As someone with no prior experience in the Industry, Capgemini has provided me with the platform to explore my capabilities and learn from experienced leaders and my peers.

One of the key learnings from my internship so far is to be brave enough to ask, especially in this virtual setting where it is much harder to connect. Ask for help, for opportunities, your doubts because the fear that holds you back only stifles your growth.

While I sometimes wonder how different an offline experience would have been, I know that some amazing opportunities were possible because of this mode. I get to work with the UK, U

S and Canada BCM Team under an amazing Manager, connect with leaders from all over the globe while knowing my family is safe besides me. And I am reminded that although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.

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