Internship Diaries – Aditya Gulia, DE Shaw, Summer’21

The past four years at IIM-I have transformed me into a different person. It prepared me very well for the challenges and opportunities to come. One of them being the summer internship.

I interned with DE Shaw, India, in their Financial Operations unit, for eight weeks. The experience was thrilling and provided me with excellent opportunities to learn and grow with the work. I believe that interacting with people of diverse backgrounds helps us grow and develop our understanding of the world. An offline work environment would have been exciting. But with the whole internship being virtual, the biggest challenge that I faced was communication and building connections. I found a way out by constantly interacting with my managers and other superiors, and other interns using all the available mediums.

Working for the financial operations team allowed me to learn various financial concepts and understand their business world significance. The projects gave me ample opportunities to upskill. Every day threw up new challenges, which I had to tackle by bridging the gap and giving it my best shot. Being a fresher, it took me time to adjust, but my managers and peers helped me get through it without any problems.

I am now looking forward to taking these learnings to the classroom and complete the last leg of this exciting journey on a positive note.

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