Internship Diaries – Varshita Agarwal, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Summer’21

It seems like it was only yesterday when I could feel the palpitation in my heart, starting my journey at Planet-I in the midst of a global pandemic. For someone who had never lived outside of Delhi, it was a difficult decision to be living some 900 km away from home, in a distant land, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

My time at campus has been like living in a bubble with a brilliant bunch of individuals from all facets of life, who share not only aspirations and friendships but have lived through the biggest and hardest moments of their lives together and built memories to last a lifetime.

Being an economics graduate, I always had a certain proclivity towards the world of finance and the sheer ecstasy I had felt on converting the very first corporate interview of my life was unparalleled. Right from my first week at JPMC in the Capital Risk team, I was assigned a challenging project that tested my technical knowledge and pushed me to implement all that I had learned in the past one year.

Every day, I was pushed to think beyond my conventional ways of presentation and focus on the story that I wanted to tell.

My team constantly encouraged me to maintain a fine balance between working on the intricacies of the project while not losing sight of the bigger picture. In addition to my summer project, I also got the opportunity to contribute to the firm’s Business-As-Usual activities.

The virtual mode in no way hampered my ability to interact and network with my fellow interns and the brilliant members on my team. Not only were my mentor and buddy always there to guide me in every step of the internship journey but everyone else on my team has been extremely helpful and approachable and quite literally, just a zoom call away!

In my experience, the virtual mode never impeded the hustle that comes with a JPMC internship. If anything, it made it all the more rigorous. One minute you’re engaged in an invigorating and thrilling scavenger hunt with your fellow interns, the other, you’re quantifying the impact of new regulations on the firm and the next, you’re presenting your project before the global head. That’s life at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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