Internship Diaries – Ripin Yadav, GE, Summer’21

As someone who has been very keen about technology, DTLP gave me an opportunity to design, build and apply my ideas and core interests in the IT domain.

My journey at Planet-I began at an early age of 17, just out of class 12. I was very unsure about the programme at the start, but things started to make sense in some time. The days were indeed hectic, filled with a rigorous academic curriculum but we always had enough time to participate in multiple co-curricular happening around us daily. Be it PGP1 or the summer placements, my learnings from IPM played a big role in my journey.

I interned with GE Gas Power as a Digital Technology Leadership Programme (DTLP) Intern this summer. The best thing about GE is its culture and the people that make it. Everybody within the team was approachable and demonstrated active interest in my work and growth. GE has an open culture where everyone can learn, there are no judgements and expectations.

During my 2-month stint, I was a part of 4 projects. I got a chance to be a product manager for 3 of them and project manager for the other one. I was responsible for building 3 products along the way. It was indeed challenging, but I got to work with cross functional teams from different continents. Moreover, as a DTLP we had regular interactions and feedbacks from the leadership, including Directors, Sr. Directors and CIOs. While building our business acumen, GE made sure that we don’t miss out on technical knowledge. Tableau, SQL, Smartsheet and Rally were some of the handy tools that I picked up along the way. The role does not require any prior technical knowledge. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

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