Internship Diaries – Khushboo Gandhi, Deutsche Bank, Summer’21

First year of MBA throws a multitude of new tasks and gets overwhelming quite often. One of these milestones is the two months summer internship which comes with its own uncertainties. I’ve learnt that it is essential to keep yourself calm and balanced.

Having prior work experience at Goldman Sachs, I expected my role at Deutsche Bank to be a little familiar. But I got recruited at the ratings desk under debt capital markets, a very unique leg of investment banking, which a lot of us aren’t privy to. My project on rating actions has been great exposure and the team at DB has helped me grow outside my comfort zone.Getting to experience different industry situations and engaging in conversations with senior leadership has provided valuable perspectives. Over this period, I’ve become less hesitant towards discussions and more confident to try new projects. With every conversation, my project has taken a new shape, my research areas have expanded. Transitioning from college to workspace is a very humbling experience. The learning curve is steep but at the end of it, I’ve built a lot more faith in myself and my capabilities. Working on tight deadlines and arriving at practical solutions to problems has enhanced my understanding of concepts and theories taught in MBA.

As a commerce graduate from JMC, Delhi University, I had immense scope and opportunities to explore. I continue to explore through the internship and the MBA as they make me ready for new challenges and opportunities. I’m enjoying, growing, and learning all at once.

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