Internship Diaries – Abhishek Chodhary, _VOIS, Summer’21

“What isn’t the path is an obstacle.”My journey with IIM Indore started way back in 2017 with IPM. I had a rare opportunity of being trained in a variety of domains, each aimed at building a solid foundation for our MBA. IPM provided me with a unique and diverse understanding of real world problem solving.Prioritization, thy name be MBA. Imagine yourself at a buffet with a dozen delicacies calling to your soul while you have a flight to catch in no time. That is what PGP feels like, where you need to constantly ask yourself what it is that you desire the most.

I carried with myself the lessons in identifying the most important opportunities to Vodafone Intelligent Solutions. It has been more than a month since I joined _VOIS as an intern in their leadership programme Explore. I am working here with the Application Development team under the Software Engineering Service Line. The two projects I have undertaken are Software Development Metrics Analysis and Digital Payment Options Evaluation.Interaction with experts working at the junction of Business and Technology allowed me to stretch my learnings right from the most fundamental concepts in the field to the complex interpretations of our work. Connecting with the top leadership of Vodafone frequently over the course of the internship amazed me at their futuristic ambitions for the organization and how our efforts fit perfectly into the big picture.

The experience so far has been incredible beyond words. I feel privileged to have constant guidance around that is vested in helping me augment my learnings. The experience gained in these 2 months has completely changed my outlook of the corporate world and definitely would be monumental in my journey as a Business Manager.

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