Internship Diaries – Nivia Jain, Deloitte, Summer’21

“How many people need to believe in you before you start believing in yourself?” – The thought that marks the origin of my MBA journey.

After 8 levels of Actuarial Science, I was interning at HDFC Life Insurance. I was in a sweet spot and anybody would think I am crazy to risk it all and attempt the highly uncertain exam, CAT. But I knew I wanted something else – a dynamic, project-based, client-facing role (in brief, Consulting). The opportunity cost was high; but I took that leap of faith.

Joining IIM Indore has been the best decision of my life. There is no experience that comes even close to the time spent on campus – last minute submissions, acing those ill-prepared presentations, stressful summer placements, and of course, the friends that make the journey all worth it. The rigour and curriculum of MBA prepared me well for the demanding role of Consulting.

I was overjoyed when I got placed at Deloitte India in the Commercial Due Diligence team. In the 2 months’ time, I have learnt so much about the disruptions in different industries from apparel to groceries to ready-to-eat foods that I wouldn’t have learnt in a lifetime. It’s exciting to get the opportunity to interact with clients and present my investment theses in meetings. I am thankful for the exposure, autonomy and recognition that I received here. Each day at Deloitte was about learning, growing and thriving.

I truly believe sometimes the universe is kind enough to give you exactly what you asked for. Make sure you are ready for it!

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