Internship Diaries – Sadasiba Sahu, Walmart, Summer’21

“Disciplined, Organised and self-motivated” – these are my watchwords. I am a 2018 Electronics and telecommunication engineer and had my share of vicissitude before I landed up at IIM Indore. PGP1, for me, was nothing but a boisterous odyssey, and the One quote that always inspires and keeps me moving is, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. I diligently worked to up-skill myself every day, and my perseverance, coupled with a great set of friends and mentors, helped me bag the summer internship offer at Walmart. My two years of work experience at Accenture certainly aided me to get hold of things during the internship and understand the nuances of product management.

As a Product Manager, I am working for two different global regions to make Walmart customer’s shopping experience better and seamless. The project involves understanding the user journeys, developing personas, identifying the blocks, brainstorming ideas, creating a user experience and drives.
My journey at the fortune one firm so far has been a fascinating and excellent learning experience. I got an opportunity to interact with some of the best minds and closely recede the next generation technology getting astir to streamline into our day to day life. I am beholden to my mentor for the colossal support extended in these testing times.

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