Internship Diaries – Manisha Banka, Bain Capability Network, Summer’21

It wasn’t long ago when I decided to accept the offer at IIM-I and step up a milestone in my life. An IIM MBA is challenging, but a virtual MBA in the middle of the pandemic is a walk down a rockier road. Nonetheless, perpetual growth and unceasing opportunities for learning make it all worth it.

Campus life is all about continued interaction with multifaceted people, making the experience all the more enriching. A rigorous schedule and coming to terms with hybrid mode classes made me better prepared for a virtual Internship at BCN.

I interned with the RAP team under Flex and incubation COE of Bain. I was involved in the complete end-to-end deployment of signature Bain Products around the Operating Model, Culture Integration, Agility quotient, and more. Throughout, I was juggling multiple Live cases for our clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Being entrusted with cases of such high importance, I was intuitively mindful of producing errorless output. Concurrently executing multiple tasks with tight deadlines made me spontaneous and agile. The best part about my internship was the highly collaborative team of dynamic individuals who mentored me every step of the way. Their easy-going and approachable attitude simmered down the high-pressure atmosphere.

Apart from casework, I performed competitor analysis to aid product ideation and POV realignment for various offerings at Bain. Alongside, Bain frequently organized HR-connect sessions and Leadership talk series to enhance interaction and learning for interns.

Overall, My experience at Bain was incredibly insightful and transformative. I became a better version of myself each day as I overcame hurdles to attain excellence in every aspect of my work.

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