Internship Diaries – Shivangi Dokania, MX Player, Summer’21

Even before the dust had settled on my Undergraduate examinations, I found myself in midst of the rigorous academic curriculum of IIM Indore, striving to find a balance between classes, POR selections, pre-placement talks, and case competitions. This journey made me resilient – I learnt how to get back up, a minute after getting knocked down. 

Before IIM Indore, I never knew that I was capable of such dogged determination. This place has taught me lessons that have become a cornerstone of my personality and brought me to the realisation that life only goes onwards and upwards if you are prepared to work for it.

Summer placements came as a surprise to me. Coming from an Economics background, I wasn’t expecting a social media marketing role at MX Player. This role has been a box of pleasant surprises. Working in unchartered territories, I am reminded of my own capabilities and how I can do anything that I put my heart and mind to

My project revolves around strategizing online campaigns for promoting MX Original shows and identifying influencer marketing strategies for the same. I am also responsible for management, content strategy and traffic generation for ShareChat social media accounts for MX Player. The organisation is entirely vested in the internship programme and is currently teaching me Online Reputation Management with a specific focus on hate trend response management. Since during the first three terms of MBA, we only had conventional marketing courses, much about social media marketing was unknown to me. This internship ensured that I was constantly up-skilling myself and discovering new avenues of personal and professional growth.

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