A Diary EnTree

The little squirrel was scampering up its tree. He was especially happy this week, as he was able to collect way more nuts than usual. The only slight dampener to his mood was the increasing daily influx of human beings near his abode.

The squirrel lived in an area where humans were typically present almost throughout the year. Luckily for him, something happened last year due to which all the humans vacated the area. It was the most delightful time! The grass grew longer, the nights were quieter, and above all, the constant scampering of humans up and down the Acad Block stairs had ceased to exist. 

But lo and behold!  From the past month or so, more and more humans seemed to be coming back to the area, and this time with a vengeance. It seemed to the squirrel that the humans came were trying to make up for lost time. The nocturnal noises of ‘partying’ were louder, and unlike years past, it seemed that these noises were heard every day now. 

One thing he noticed was that almost all humans now covered their mouths and noses with something. Thank goodness! He had always been repulsed by their odd-shaped noses and constantly moving mouths. How weird they looked! Now, of course the squirrel knew that he was no expert in counting. (That was the reason why he never collected more than three nuts in one go.) And yet he was able to figure out that after every two weeks (roughly), more and more humans were turning up. It was maddening!

Also, he always overheard them talking about “Pla Cements”, or “Intern Ships”, or something on those lines. Of course, he knew very little English to discern any sense of these things. So naturally, he just assumed that these were places where humans go to get their nuts. 

Why else would they be worried about all these things so much?

As the little squirrel climbed up his tree to get some rest, he realized what most of the humans were actually missing out on. He loved the place he lived in. The soft breeze that caressed his cheek, the frequent slight drizzles that fell on his shoulders, the smell of fresh air, and the sound of the chirping of birds all around. Sometimes the squirrel thought that the humans should take their lives slow and live every moment to the fullest. They could just calm down and appreciate the beauty of the place where they were at, rather than constantly worry about the place where they were trying to get to. After all, “Planet-I”, or whatever they called it, was quite a magical place!

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