Getting Close to Nature’s Nature

A quote in my 365 days table calendar says that humans and trees have an intimate relationship, what one exhales the other inhales. We humans are largely involved with the gross elements of life, what is visible to the eyes, appears to be the ultimate reality. But often the absolute truth is hidden in the … Continue reading Getting Close to Nature’s Nature

Where is the compassion?

Recently, I read an article on how a migrant worker was wheeling his pregnant wife and kid on a makeshift cart. With no jobs and no future, India’s migrant workforce is returning to their home states, lock stock and barrel. They have always been the hidden force behind the infrastructure progress that rich and industrialized … Continue reading Where is the compassion?

Railway Humor – Anecdotes from the British Raj era

I'm someone who can't see a drooping face. It pains me no end. If I come across one such face, I am hell-bent on lighting it up. And I am told, I am at my best doing this. I attribute this quality in myself to my innate ability to laugh my cares away. Making people … Continue reading Railway Humor – Anecdotes from the British Raj era

Tulika and Tintin : a paw-some journey!

Paws @Planet-I is the pet-lovers community of IIM Indore consisting of students, staff and faculty members who’ve joined hands to take care of all the dogs residing in the campus. Following is the story of a timeless friendship, that of Tulika and her pet Tintin, penned by Pooja Batra, FPM 2015. There are no words … Continue reading Tulika and Tintin : a paw-some journey!