The Undedicated Sonnet

I sat the stump alone crying, crying, The wooden remnant dead of sanguine axe; I clawed at eyes aggrieved drying, drying, My freshly streaming tears like flowing wax. I clenched my fists as though hiding, hiding, A secret borne of love and hateful spite; But the leaves lay dead and gliding, gliding On winds that … Continue reading The Undedicated Sonnet

A step forward was all what I needed

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the bravest of them all?” - And the answer, as expected, wasn’t that impressive! I knew it. I knew it from the start. This was my second week at Austin, during the five weeks International Immersion Program at the McCombs Business School (University of Texas) that IIM Indore offers … Continue reading A step forward was all what I needed

Unworthy Earthlings

Air, its there, everywhere, Why I find still hard to breathe? What did we do to our home? It’s now just a cradle of filth                                                             Carbons, Greenhouses, Emissions                                                             All day long it’s all I hear,                                                             Yet the rich are so blinded by richness,                                                             That nothing’s able to give them a scare … Continue reading Unworthy Earthlings


As part of the 64th Independence Day Celebrations at IIM Indore, the Cultural and Social Affairs Committee conducted an article/poem writing competition. The following poem titled "Independence" was judged the winning poem among a number of entries. It’s been more than sixty years, Since we began our journey, When the whole world had slept, And … Continue reading Independence!!