Islas de la munecas

Photos by Cindy Vasco I thought it was just another boat party but I was not aware of the adventures that awaited me at the canals of Xochimilco, also known as the xochimilco trajineras because of the canoes that take people for a ride. The place is filled with tourists, mariachi bands, and lush floating gardens. However, wait for sometime and you will see … Continue reading Islas de la munecas

A step forward was all what I needed

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the bravest of them all?” - And the answer, as expected, wasn’t that impressive! I knew it. I knew it from the start. This was my second week at Austin, during the five weeks International Immersion Program at the McCombs Business School (University of Texas) that IIM Indore offers … Continue reading A step forward was all what I needed

Mercenaries of Art

by Jasmine Kaur Prevaricators Heretics Radicals Forsooth, even these labels fall short For these mercenaries of art Are complicit to a different crime every day Intransigently transient Switching tastes sporadically For fear of over-familiarity with one Switching choices, opinions, stances Whenever their conscience bids them to For in their heads, to make an uninformed choice … Continue reading Mercenaries of Art