Indian Economy and the second wave of COVID 19

-Ayush Burman INTRODUCTION It has been more than 17 months since India had its first case of COVID 19 on January 30, 2020, which later got declared as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The pandemic made humans realize the importance of mother earth. The first wave of the COVID 19 saw the … Continue reading Indian Economy and the second wave of COVID 19


REMOTE WORKING A report from Global Workplace Analytics stated that remote work has increased by 173% since 2005. But is this shift limited only to the method and settings or do its consequences go beyond the commonly observed aspects of one’s performance? Here are some of the aspects of remote working. The Positives able to … Continue reading REMOTE WORKING – Work From Home

India’s Petroleum Woes

-Bhavya Kundu In this edition of Macroscan, we will understand how hikes in oil prices disrupt the country's economic recovery. We shall also understand if there is something wrong with the costs that Indian consumers pay. Last week, India flagged high oil prices and pressed OPEC to make these prices more affordable. Petrol prices are … Continue reading India’s Petroleum Woes


"Gaming brings people together" ~Lisa Su Online gaming has gained a strong foothold within the Indian entertainment industry. With a projected user base of more than 628 million gamers, this gives a whole new boost to the gaming ecosystem within the Indian economy. Gamers of all ages, game creators and designers, investors and advertisers are … Continue reading THE FOOTPRINT OF GAMING ON INDIAN ECONOMY