HR leaders across the country are facing one of the biggest challenges in ages. Employee retention is increasingly becoming a painstaking job even for many of the industry leading companies. This edition of the Macroscan delves into this evolving issue and attempts to understand what drives the so-called ‘Great Resignation’.What is it?While employees preferred to … Continue reading THE GREAT RESIGNATION


Penned by Shelly Singh and Varnika Gupta RECENT HAPPENINGS Lately, news channels across the world broadcasted the perilous state of the energy crisis in India as coal supplies dwindled to the lowest ever seen, with coal stock worth a few days remaining. In addition, different power distribution plants across India sent alert messages to their … Continue reading POWER CRISIS IN INDIA

Technology & Automation in HR

Has the rise of data analytics in the HR field declined the skills of overall man management and understanding people that an HR should have? No function or department is immune to technological changes. Many jobs are likely to be affected and replaced by automation and AI. Technology has been disrupting HRM, and the pace … Continue reading Technology & Automation in HR